Burley nestles at the bottom of a steep hill and is surrounded by countless trees, oak, pines and beech. Some of these trees have been given special names.  The " Miracle Trees " trees that break in to leaf around Christmas time and  "The Twelve Apostles "  twelve very ancient oaks.

The Queens Head had the "Right of Turbary". Turf from forest was burnt in the open hearth of the public house, with bacon curing in the peaty smoke above.
A cache of pistols and coins believed to be hidden by the smugglers, was found in a secret cellar beneath the bar floor in the Queens Head.

In the past the village was self-sufficient with the baker, grocer, barber, ironmonger shops and the builders yard. All these have gone and the village depends on tourism with gift shops with a mystic theme, antique shops and quaint old tea rooms.