Vicar: Canon Michael Anderson           


This is the third church at Hordle, the first one stood within the sound of the seas, a small Norman church, built 1080, to serve a tiny hamlet. The people in this hamlet moved about two miles inland due to the eroding of the coast which destroyed the salt pans on which the prosperity of most of Hordle depended. People then found it was a long way to the church on the coast, so the parishioners, in 1830, set up a petition which required the church to be demolished and rebuilt in a more convenient site nearer their homes. The Bishop of Winchester gave his approval provided they carried the masonry to the new site. The construction of the new church was so poor that it only stood for forty years and then had to be replaced about 1870 by the one standing today. 

The Memorial church hall was built in 1951 with inferior wartime materials and is now at the end of its useful life. A new Memorial hall is to be erected to replace the existing one but  there is considerable controversy over where the hall  should be built. The church authorities want it to be over the north side of the  graveyard, but there  are many objectors to this scheme.


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